12 Quotes for Pride Month From Young Adult Books

Young adult books are some of the best out there (or possibly the best, but hey, we might be a little biased) when it comes to representing identities and encouraging readers to be proud of who they are. We know there’s still a long way to go to achieve equal representation, but we also thought we’d take a moment and express our #YAPride with these quotes for Pride Month!

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We’ve met some of our favorite characters through the books included below, but we’ve barely even scratched the surface. And if you want more LGBTQ+ book recs, we’ve got those right here!
So scroll through, find your favorite quote, and maybe find your next book to read!

12 Quotes for Pride Month


“People should just be allowed to look in the mirror and see all kinds of possibilities.”
– GIRL MANS UP by M-E Girard

“I don’t know if I still love her in the way I used to, but I still find her just as beautiful.”
– WE ARE OKAY by Nina LaCour


“And we are looking at each other, just looking, and I swear there are whole lifetimes lived in those small, shared seconds.”


“They’re your parents. They’re meant to love you because. Never in spite.”
– RELEASE by Patrick Ness


“There has to be more to life than just imagining a future for yourself. I can’t just wish for the future; I have to take risks to create it.”
– THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END by Adam Silvera

“I had never realized before how much you can take from someone by not allowing them the words they need to describe themselves. How can you know there are other people like you, when you’ve never had a name to call yourself?”
– LORD OF SHADOWS by Cassandra Clare


“That has to be the best part of being in love—the feeling of having a home in someone else’s brain.”
– LEAH ON THE OFFBEAT by Becky Albertalli


“I’m here,” answered Alucard. “I’m here. Stay with me.” He tried to speak, but his heart slammed against his ribs as if trying to break through.


“The world isn’t binary. Everything isn’t black or white, yes or no. Sometimes it’s not a switch, it’s a dial.”

“If knowing you’re asexual makes someone see you differently, then they don’t deserve to be in your life.”
– LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE by Claire Kann


“This is your life, and it will stretch out before you, and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be.”
– AUTOBOYOGRAPHY by Christina Lauren


“I guess I thought I was straight just because everyone treated me like I was, and no one ever gave me a chance to think otherwise.”
– THE LOVE INTEREST by Cale Dietrich

What are you reading for Pride Month? What are some of your favorite quotes from LGBTQ+ books? Let us know in the comments below!
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