Biblical Meaning Of Rats In Dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Rats In Dreams. The symbol of rats penetrating into your dreams mean something unpleasant  is about to happen. In the spiritual world, rats indicate enemy of progress. The meaning of rats in the dream has been programmed by the devil to curse the hands of many people. That’s why a person can have millions of money today and within a short time, the whole money is gone, leaving the person with nothing.

What’s the Biblical meaning of rats in dreams?

Biblically the rat is not mentioned that much as I already said. We assume it is a symbol of negativity, lack of material goods, and of course this follows a lack of money. I’m not sure that one needs to take the biblical interpretation too seriously. I am a true believer of remaining positive. To see a rat in your dream means that you owe something to someone in your life. It also symbolizes slavery and financial loss, according to verses in Samuel. Also, it’s believed that the symbolism rats were programed by Satan to put people in debt and commit sin. It explains why people have millions now and can lose everything in a second.

To see a rat in a dream can cause discomfort. It’s not a nice experience and it’s seen as a bad omen. The Biblical meaning of rats in dreams from my 1930s dream books is that rats come in a man’s dream in order to change his/her destiny. Meaning, the person will probably turn into a slave of money and fight poverty. As you know, every animal has a message to deliver in dreams.

Rats as a symbol represent sickness, debt, hardship, dirt, sin, and the Devil. It is in their nature to ruin people’s food through contamination and eating.

They also enter people’s homes (or sheds) to seek something. Although they live with us, they still pollute our food and spread diseases. But there’s a difference between a physical and a spiritual rat. The first one’s after food, while the second one causes suffering.

The rat represents a symbol of sorrow, disease, and sickness because of the dirty places it lives and the bacteria it carries. To see one in your dream means that you will survive a difficult time or even a breakdown. It’s all part of Satan’s plan (according to biblical transcripts). But you’ll pull through.

If a rat steals your money in a dream, it means that your happiness and blessings will be stolen from you in waking life. A spiritual rat may cause you to borrow money and stay in debt for the rest of your life. It can bring you down to a zero level. However, don’t forget that you’re in charge of your life. If you fight your demons, you can win.

To conclude, the meaning of rats in dreams is associated with poverty and misfortune. One dream of rats can keep you stay stuck in one place for the rest of your life if you’re not strong enough to fight back your demons. As you can see, rats have a mission. And that’s to torment people and prevent them from accomplishing their destiny. But never forget who’s really in charge of your life. And that’s yourself.


Rat dream is a symbol of sickness and disease because its an animal that carries the loads of bacteria or disease in their body. A dream about rat occurs when a person is planning to be attacked by the devil but in others may interpret as failure at the edge of breakthrough. The witchcraft power uses the dream of rat to steal people’s blessings and cage them. It is tragic when a rat steal your money in the dream. Sometime the enemy project many rats into people’s house through dream as a means of satanic hijackers of their virtues.

Ordinarily, rat would not come to your house and take away your important documents, money etc except they are witchcraft rats sent to make you cry. It is very difficult for a person to know which powers are attacking them through the process of rat dream. Some spiritual rats can cause a man to borrow for the rest of his life. Some spiritual rats can bring down a man to a zero level. The reason the enemy often engages them spiritually because they are household animals. Rat is a scary animal to many people. These are spiritual rats that are dangerous to reckon with the physical if you are not too strong spiritually. It’s true that the spirit of rat can influence a person’s destiny both physically and spiritually. To be quite honest with you, spiritual rat involves radical prayers and fasting.

Nothing may seem to be happening in the physical after having the dream, but it’s evil effect will surely affect the source of your income. This demonic dream can slow down your progress and frustrate your efforts. The powers can influence the rat to monitor and transfer your wealth to the demonic bank. The Bible says the following, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” Matthew 13:25. The evil tares has now become an heavy burden to many people.

DREAM ABOUT RATS – Spiritual meaning

The meaning of rat in the dream was clearly indicating a spirit of poverty and lack against you. However, many people have remained poor or begging as result of this dream. Any contact with rats in the dream without any resistance on your part automatically opens the door of demotion and profitless hard labour. Many people are not fulfilling their destiny because  they have been programmed to remain in one spot. The spirit of rat is tormenting many people.

Those demons can deal with any person in the dream and if the person cannot resist the dream, the person would finds it hard to excel. This spiritual rats suck people’s prosperity and when they have no power to deliver themselves, they received the spirit of lack, want and poverty. What does it mean to dream of many rats around you in the dream Many rats in the dream symbolizes the spirit of satanic oppression.

If you see many rats around you signifies there are enemies around who are planning for your destruction. If the rats invade your house, it is attributed as sickness, anxiety and shock.  This dream can be a wakeup call to pray against household witches and wizards. What does it mean to dream of chasing rats?  If you dream of chasing rats, it symbolizes battle against Beelzebub spirit. To chase rats in the dream ,it indicates a situation of chasing away problems. This dream is a sign that a bad spirit is trying to penetrate into you, but the power of God didn’t allow the enemy’s agenda to come to pass. When you dream of chasing rats, it is of no doubt a symbol of victory over stubborn challenges and demonic operations.