Wisdom from the Duck

We may see ducks regularly at the local pond or park, but have you ever stopped to consider and appreciate their many compelling qualities? Here are five things we can learn from the duck.

1. Form Quality Partnerships

Contrary to popular belief, ducks do not mate for life; instead, they practice seasonal monogamy each breeding season. Are you with the ideal partner for the current season of your life? Make sure your close partnerships in work and in life are a “match” for each phase or project.

2. Make Family a Priority

Female ducks lay an average of 5 to 12 eggs that hatch within 28 days. While they are gestating, the male duck will protect the nest and fight off any potential invaders. Be protective of your kin and raise your children attentively.

3. Let Stress Roll Right Off You

Ducks are equipped with naturally waterproof feathers that allow them to stay comfortable and dry even while in the water. They also don’t hold a grudge; if they have a tiff with another duck, they shake the stress of the encounter from their feathers and get on with their day.

4. Keep Your Wits About You

Ducks have an internal GPS system and see in color 360 degrees around them. The are also able to sleep with one eye open and half their brain engaged for protection against predators. Enjoy your life, but be ready to navigate quickly away from pitfalls and hazards.

5. Be Buoyant and Flexible

Equipped with both webbed feet and wings, most ducks can travel by water, land, and air. Be flexible and cultivate a buoyant spirit in life as you travel from one adventure to the next.

From the mallard to the wood duck to the scoter, ducks delight with their beautiful feathers and cheerful dispositions. Consider how you might apply these examples of wisdom from the duck.

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