Essential Geranium Oil For Strong Teeth; Sense or nonsense?


Essential geranium oil

Geranium oil has been used in natural medicine for a long time. It has many beneficial properties, such as calming, anti-inflammatory, mild analgesic and astringent. The latter means that it contracts the blood vessels and can thus stop the bleeding.

Geranium oil has an antibacterial effect, which is used to fight infections by applying a few drops around the wound. All kinds of skin conditions are soothed by a few drops of essential geranium oil in an almond oil carrier.

The calming effect of geranium oil has a positive effect on the body, but is also used to relax stress and tension. Geranium oil can help with nervous tensions and balances emotions.

Geranium oil for the mouth is fairly new

Cinnamon, clove and myrrh essential oils have been used in oral care products for much longer. Recently tea tree oil, which has been used for a long time for skin conditions, has found its way into oral care.

The use of geranium oil for our oral hygiene is still fairly new, but the properties of this essential oil can certainly mean something in the oral cavity. The natural disinfectant action fights harmful bacteria and thus helps to inhibit plaque and tartar formation.

The astringent, astringent function of geranium oil can be especially useful in case of bleeding gums or after dental treatment. Geranium oil thus promotes wound healing in various ways. In addition, there is the calming function for irritations of the gums or oral mucous membranes.